New Song!

Just in case you guys don’t make it to to the end of the post I’m going to do some self promotion before you leave if you haven’t already.

My Name. (Feat. Ashton Fraser & Mellow) – Is out on the 12th of August 12am in your timezone. (You can find there socials at the end of the post)

Progress Update

This week has been a very productive week, this website was made this week. After owning this domain for over 6 months its finally being put to use. This isn’t the first website I’ve made on Word Press though, this is probably the seventh website I’ve made, and the only successful one that i am happy with. In my opinion Word press is a lot better than other services I used (Wix, Squarespace). I find that there is more functionality using WordPress, Word press is a lot better than every other website building service if you know can take advantage off all its capabilities.

Other than the creation of this website I have a new song coming out, YAY! It has taken two weeks to write, mix and produce this song. Getting people like Ashton and Mellow on this song has also made this release a lot more exciting, merging three very different artist and genres into one track. To be completely honest writing songs has been a really bumpy road for me in the last 3 months. I have written many songs but have not been happy with any of them. But this song was an exception, it was one of the few songs I was happy with. Which is why this will be my debut song, my first ever release under the new artist name. (Mark Sebt)

Now there is a small chance that you have read through all of this to find the teaser to the new song. Well here is what you came for :).
This is a exclusive teaser for which can only be found on this site so feel special. 😆


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