I believe what distinguishes good music and amazing music is how effectively they are able to translate emotion to music.

I believe what distinguishes good music and amazing music is how effectively they are able to translate emotion to music. I prefer to listen to Indie artist because of how much more intimate their music can be. I have nothing against vocal performers, I just want to put that out there now. Because I have had this debate with many people and have heard many different opinions, but here’s how i see it.


Mainstream artist make use of all the tools at there disposal. Using Jon Bellion as an example he takes charge of the initial writing process of his songs, but all of his records use multiple song writers, producers and session musicians. His songs use many different perspectives to convey his messages. But indie artist spend more time learning, developing and creating their own ways of performing this task. Artist like Kid Travis, who writes, mixes and producers his music by himself overtimes learns how to do all of these things effectively therefore developing his unique sound which differs his from every other artist.


I find that when listening to music from indie artist you are hearing all of them. Ouse’s music speaks to me in ways that you wont understand until you have listened to his music everyday for a year. His melody’s are beautiful, and his simple drum selection and complexity of drums lines reflect his personality. I could tell you who wrote or produced a a song without hearing a vocal.


After listening to all these artist for so long I can recognize their mixes, sound selection and their writing. It’s so hard to put into words, but i think music from indie artist is special in itself, all the minor details and everything you hear are consciously selected and placed by them. All the minor details you hear in music make all the difference. Music is so much more powerful to artist and producers and write music themselves and hear minor details that an average listener base wouldn’t pick up.

Welcome to a new series of Blogs “Personified”. I will analyse a new piece of music from all my favorite artist and tell you how effectively it conveys its message. Showing you different sides of an artist and pointing out aspects of music you didn’t know existed.


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