“My Name” was just released, and is going pretty well. Its at 170 streams in a week so I’m pretty happy with that. I was looking for inspiration and went through one of the Fl studio product demo’s. I have been trying to expand my knowledge in Eq’ing and use of compression. One thing I found when going through these projects is the amount of frequencies that these producers cut. You would be surprised how much you can cut its a generous amount. So when going to start a new song idea I focused on trying to focus on having pockets of sounds for all my sounds and instruments. I went for a very minimalist approach, using only stock plugins for this project. I realized that i don’t actually need all of my fancy plugins. As much as I love my plugins i only used the VMR and one Fab Filter Q. The Fab filter Q was put on my Master channel so I could analyze my full track in detail to see where the muddiness was coming from. Ninety Percent of this project uses only stock plugins. It was fun going back to the Fruity Parametric Eq. I kinda missed it.

Fab FIlter Q2

I also experimented with different mixing styles and layering choice of my vocals. I have been listening to a lot of Jake Hill so i attempted to try to get my vocals to sounds similar to his. He has his main vocal line double to both ears with a slight delay to avoid it sounding like a mono channel. I recorded 3 takes to the main vocal and used a flanger and a mid cut to make them blend in more. Most of the busy up beat sections of this song also include 3 part harmony to make it more interesting.


Vocals aren’t final just me getting my ideas down so i don’t forget them after returning back to them after a week. Other than that I have reached out to Gabe from Lesion Beats so things my pop up sooner or later :).


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