I have made 4 finished beats this week trying to come up with song idea’s. I’ve kinda come to a realization that there really is a big gap in skill between the mainstream and indie artist. I’ve spent my time listening to The Kid Laroi and comparing his writing with other artist that I listen to. Even though he might be a signed “mainstream” artist now I believe he worked really hard to get there, i also do believe he worked hard to be there. I have changed my writing style for a few songs to be more similar to NYC Hip hop culture. Aiming for more of a melodic feel, more towards a melodic hip hop style and away from Drill Rap or English Hip hop. I also have two covers coming out in the next 2 weeks, Earned it by The Weekend and Mean it by Lauv. Other than that all I have to do really is film, cause I have audio production projects with two sets of people next week and I also have a song writer coming over to see what magic we can make :).


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