Taking inspiration from Let me Love You written by Mario I tried to mix and write a song in a similar acoustic r&b style. I had my mate Sunny come over on short notice to help me record some guitar lines, its really convenient having connections near you :). The lyrics and melody line to the demo of our product are not final, in fact it was a very basic idea that we got down in an hour and a half. You can hear the resemblance to Let me love you and our song which currently is titled memories, but will probably be changed by next week. The song consist of Acoustic instruments, a piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, Bass and a Rhodes. I’m not very experienced with acoustic drum kits so I went straight to simple r&b drums samples and used those instead. This gives the song a Smooth r&b feel, with modern drums and old school instruments, the melody lines, chord progression and drum lines are very simple as well, with very minimal complexity.


This is the first ever demo of the song, one and a half hours of work.

The song is slowly building itself as we write it, we didn’t purposely want it to sound so similar to let me love you so we are keeping that song in our mind and trying to stray away from it. I also have more writers and session musicians coming on Thursday which I am very excited for, can’t wait to push out new songs and covers for ya’ll. Lots of music coming in the next following week :).


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