In class today we were told to analyze some logos, trying to uncover meanings behind their artistic choices. My current brand currently consist of Orange, grey, whites and blacks. My aim was to aim to look warm and modern.

Here is my interpretation of other logos.

Riot Games

This is riots new logo. It is very different from the old logo where there was a small fist at the top and a they used a old RPG like font for their logo. Now the fist and the RIOT mirror each other and they went for a more simplistic bold look. Making there logo look very ambitious. Both the red and white compliment each other very well, red for courage and readiness to sacrifice; white for pure intentions and high ideals. The new logo is also very sleek and modern, fitting with the new standards of how logos have evolved.

Steam Logo

What you see in the logo is the locomotive’s connecting rod and crank shaft. In a locomotive, it is these parts that transform heat energy to mechanical energy (the movement to the wheels). Similarly, it is Steam (software) that enables you to have a great gaming experience by distributing games to the users. They use a gradient of blue in the background of the logo, the dark blue represents trust and intelligence while the lighter blue represents strength and dependability.


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